A dental veneer is basically a tooth facing made from ceramic. Veneers are a great way to improve the aesthetics of teeth without having to go anything too extensive. Made famous by Hollywood, veneers are worn by many celebrities and demonstrate a great way to get your teeth gleaming!

Veneers are used for people who are unhappy with the colour, shape, size or look of their teeth. they are only used for front teeth and are a quick way to gain the perfect smile. Veneers are made from ceramic and can either be made in a lab such as Da Vinci, Lumineers etc. or, if the cosmetic dentist has CEREC – veneers can be made in around one hour per veneer in surgery whilst you wait!

To fit a veneer, the front of the natural tooth is filed down slightly, the veneer is then made (usually they are extremely thin) and then they are bonded (dentally glued) into place. As they are rather thin, they are not the strongest treatment but with proper care should still last for well over 15 years.

The good thing about veneers is that they require very little of the natural tooth to be altered. This is of benefit to the patient as the more natural tooth you have, the better. Alternative treatments like crowns require more removal of the natural tooth which some patients don’t like the idea of.

Veneers can be easily replaced and re-fitted so, if in a few years’ time the patient decides they want one changed or altered slightly, it is not a big problem.

There are many types of cosmetic dental veneer available, each type is usually named after the laboratory or company that makes them and each type of veneer has its individual uses and benefits. Lumineers for example are extremely thin; they often don’t require any of the natural tooth to be altered in order to fit them. In this case it may not be suitable for everyone to have Lumineers as different patients and different dental cases require slightly different techniques and materials. Today there is something even more affordable then permanent and that is Snap on smile. They need no prep no dentist visit. You take a mould at home and then send that direct to the lab and they are you a brand new set of clip on veneers

Veneers from a cosmetic dentist cost around £300 – £700 per tooth. The price will differ due to the brand of veneer and also the size of it. CEREC veneers usually cost around £500 for example with Lumineers costing considerably more.

Sometimes cosmetic dentists may use composite resin, a white coloured paste-like material to create a veneer. To do this, the dentist applies the composite resin to the tooth and can then file and mould it into the correct shape. Composite resin is a rather weak material however that will only last a few years. It is a good option as it can be very easily changed and altered but ceramic veneers are much better for longevity.

To find out more about cosmetic veneers, book and appointment with your local cosmetic dentist – they will be able to educate you on what type of veneer is best for you whilst also giving you a clearer and more accurate idea of the relative costs involved.