Non-Intrusive Smiles

Clip on veneer Clip in Veneers
Press on Veneers Snap In Veneers

We have all thought about changing our smile and the second biggest thought that prevention that comes to mind after cost is how it is actually done. Most dental treatments are invasive, meaning that one way or another you will be have some form of permanent modification done to you. Lets get in to them.

Veneers – With most permanent veneers there will be some kind of prep done to your dentition mainly in the form of shaving the teeth down, as veneers last a maximum of 15 years you would need to have them redone. They can also break when eating hard or cold foods like chocolate out of the fridge.

Crowns – This treatment is very harsh on the teeth and I wonder why dentist choose this treatment over many others available. The teeth when prepped for crowns are shaved right down to little looking stumps like sharks teeth. You will need crowns changed over time as the margins become bigger and food trapping can occur.

Implants – Dental implants are very invasive. The whole tooth and crown is removed from the body and replaced with a titanium root. A crown or tooth is then placed on to this. Dental implants can fail. This can be catastrophic. If they fail then the only thing left to have a smile and function is to have dentures.

As technology grows and advances in equipment and process become available so will the treatments available.
The newest treatment available is clip on veneers. This is a treatment that is not invasive at all. There is nothing done to the teeth or dentition of the patient it is literally a device that clicks over the current dentition on the mouth. 100% removable 100% safe and easy. They are known by a few different names. Such as Snap in smiles, clip in veneers, press in veneers etc. What ever treatment you choose make sure it is the right one for you and the results you require to smile again 🙂 .